By contracting this illustrator you are commissioning her style of artwork, according to the samples in her portfolio. This illustrator doesn’t copy other artists’ styles. 

All orders have to come with a Brief in Word/pdf.

The Brief has to inform the size of the artwork, resolution, bleeds, file format (if PNG, JPG, PDF, AI, PSD, etc…), the color scheme of preference (if any applicable), theme, delivery time; information about the characters (gender, age, skin complexion, hair color, hairstyle, eyes, clothes style, etc…), detailed information about the scene/background.

In case of additional requests, it has to come in a document as appendices of the Brief (not via chat, to avoid loss of information);

Information/details that weren’t included in the Brief will be considered extra work;

In the event of ADDITIONAL WORK OR UNFORESEEN EXTENSION OF WORK as a result of changes made to the briefing will be paid based on the illustrator’s normal rates of 50.00 euros/hour.

This is an illustration and design service, not an editor service. Decisions regarding book format, file format, sales, proofreading, and marketing are the client’s responsibility. The illustrator can make them as a way of helping the client, but they are not part of the illustrator’s expertise and are not part of the contracted service. 

This offer doesn’t cover sketches that are specific to character design.

The request has to be an official document (word or pdf) not via chat, to avoid loss of information and to make it easy to count the number of revisions.

This offer does not include revision of the text or editing, and it’s not part of the illustrator’s work. The manuscript sent to the illustrator for text placement must be the final reviewed version.

This offer includes 02 revisions, the first is for the sketch and the second is related to the coloring part. 

Revision sketch: during this stage, the client may request changes related to poses, expressions, backgrounds, and scenes that were not captured according to the brief. 

Revision color: during this stage, the client may request changes only related to color, light, and textures. It is very hard to change a finished picture, so the illustrator may begin charging a fee of 50.00 euros per page for each extra revision in the case of changes in poses, expression, backgrounds, and scenes that were not requested in the sketch phase. 

In the event of CANCELLATION of the job for any reason whatsoever, the client is liable to full payment of the agreed fee, unless there is a demonstrable default on the part of the illustrator.

The delivery time shall be clearly specified in the Brief and previously discussed with the Illustrator.

The Illustrator shall use her best endeavors to deliver the artwork to the Client by the agreed date and shall notify the Client of any anticipated delay at the first opportunity.

The Client shall make an immediate objection upon delivery if the artwork is not in accordance with the brief. If such objection is not received by the Illustrator within 7 days of delivery of the artwork it shall be conclusively presumed that the artwork is acceptable and the commission/delivery is enclosed. Any request after that will be liable to extra payment. 

If the Client changes the brief and requires subsequent changes, additions, or variations, the Illustrator may require additional consideration for such work. The Illustrator may refuse to carry out changes, additions, or variations that substantially change the nature of the commission.

All sales rights are reserved for the author. But the illustrator reserves the right to showcase the work in her portfolio, social media, and any other means for the sole purpose of promoting herself and her business.

The illustrator reserves the right to have her name on the book’s cover, as the illustrator.

It is the author’s responsibility to register the copyright and bear the costs of it if she/he/they wish to have her/his/their book registered.

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