Lady Bruniere was born in a small village near the Amazon rainforest, in Rondonia, Brazil.  When she was only a little wild bare feet 7 years old girl, she illustrated her first book - an adapted version of Cinderella. Her two big passions were the forests and the drawings. Due to the difficulties of that simple life by the forest (snakes, spiders, mosquitos, jaguars... but mostly snakes), her family moved to a big city in South Brazil. She embraced the opportunity to advance in her studies, achieving a bachelor's degree in pedagogy, then a master's degree in Business Management and also Philosophy because she wanted to be not just skilled but a little bit wiser too. However, later on, she realised that she could no longer deny her creative spirit. She took a course on How to Write Novels and out of the blue, she decided to move to Ireland. She got a Post in Digital Media Design, and she rediscovered her original vocation for creative stuff.
Lady Bruniere is now a freelance illustrator specialising in children's literature and also surface pattern design. When she is not in her studio, illustrating, she is walking through the cold forests of Ireland, but wearing warm and comfy boots.

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