I was born near the Amazon rainforest, where at the age of seven, I illustrated my first book. My two greatest passions have always been the forest and drawing. Mosquitos, spiders, snakes, and jaguars were all part of my world, and I embraced them, alongside the simplicity of living without running water or electricity.
During my teenage years, my family moved to a larger city, leaving behind my first love—the forest—in exchange for the comfort and opportunities that the concrete jungle offered. Despite the change, I remained dedicated to my studies and earned a degree in Pedagogy, followed by a Master's in Business Management. My idealistic nature also led me to explore the realms of Philosophy.
However, despite my academic achievements, I felt that something was missing in my life. That's when I decided to return to my old dream. I enrolled in a writing workshop and made the bold move to Ireland to pursue my passion for writing. During this transformative period, I also pursued a Post Grad in Arts and Digital Media Design, which opened up new avenues for me.
In this new chapter, I began illustrating for other authors, adopting the name Lady Bruniere, as I grew tired of being mistakenly called Alien instead of Aline. Today, I am living my dream as an illustrator specializing in children's literature. I feel immense pride in having illustrated over 40 books for authors from around the world, including the USA, England, India, Australia, France, Brazil, Germany, and China. My artistic journey has taken me far from the Amazon rainforest, but I carry its essence and inspiration with me in every stroke of my pen and brush.

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