I was born near the Amazon rainforest. At seven, I illustrated my first book. My two great passions were the forest and drawing. Mosquitos, spiders, snakes, and jaguars were part of my world; I didn’t mind them or the lack of running water or electricity. 
In my teens, my family moved to a larger city leaving behind my first love (the forest), in exchange for the comfort that the concrete jungle offered. I dedicated myself to my studies and received a degree in Pedagogy, then a Master’s in Business Management, I also started studying Philosophy, just because I'm an idealist. But something was missing. I decided to return to my old dream. I took a writing workshop and moved to Ireland to write. Here, things changed a little bit, I took a Post Grad in Arts and Digital Media Design and started to illustrate for other authors.
I became Lady Bruniere, tired of being called Alien instead of Aline. Now, I work as an illustrator of children’s literature, and I have more than 40 books illustrated for authors from around the world, USA, England, India, Australia, France, Brazil, Germany, and China. 

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