Lady Bruniere was born near the Amazon rainforest. At the age of seven, when she was just a bare-foot little girl, she illustrated her first book - Topsy-turvy Cinderella. Her two great passions were the forest and drawings. Early in her teens, she moved to a big city, due to the difficulties of that simple life - snakes, no electricity, no running water, spiders, mosquitoes, jaguars … did I mention snakes? She embraced the opportunity to advance in her studies, graduated in Pedagogy, then Masters in Business Management, and also began her journey in Philosophy. But she didn’t rest there, she decided to return to an old dream. She took a course on how to write novels and, out of nowhere, decided to move to Ireland to write. There she Posts graduated with Arts in Digital Media Design and became Lady Bruniere because she got tired of being called Alien instead of Aline (her real name). She is now an illustrator of children’s literature with more than 40 books illustrated for authors from around the world, such as the USA, England, India, Australia, France, Brazil, Germany, and China. When she is not in her studio, she can be found strolling through Ireland’s cold forests or enjoying the summer in Brazil.
Published Work
Book: Each of Us. Author: Sarah Allison
Book: Communication Station. Author: MaryRose Mulham
BooK: The Magic Pointe Shoes. Author: Jodi Parry
Book: What You Didn't See. Author: Ashley Cain
Book: O Fio de Filomena. Author: Michele Giacomitti
Book: Baby Where Are you? Author: Aimee Spiller
Book: The journey of a black boy (provisory title). Author: Chalottine Cius-Bond
Magazine Illustration: Spring Edition. New Acropolis Ireland
Book: Emily's Curles. Author: Miriah Harris
Book: The Magic of Life. Author: Sylvine Boucardet Grüne
Book: Pica and the Gift. Author: Wanda Diekhans
Book: Each of Us. Author: Sarah Allison
Book: Princess Gabriella and the never-ending kiss. Author: Kali Kuzma
Book: Ice Cream Dream. Author: Rian Hart
Book-Cover: The Curious Adventures of Cora de Cat. Author: Marlin Kurllikin-Shearin & Allen Shearin 
Book: Crocodile One, Crocodile Two. Author: Ian McIntosh
Book: Spit!. Author: Drew Proffitt
Book: Birthday Disaster. Author: Hannah Brimicombe-Gorge
Book: Esperanza and Friends, Loving Yourself. Author: Lulu Steele
Book: Maddy's Little Tears. Author: Aimee Spiller
Book: Mindful Adventures, Mindfulness in the Lily Pads. Author: Danielle Chandler
Book: Abenteuer mit dem Fliegenpilzkind. Author: Benehi
Book: Mein Allerschonstes Geschenk. Author: Hanna Schiller
Book: Mrs. Fuddy Duddy and Big Joe's Balloon Ride. Author: Chalottine Cius-Bond
Magazine Cover: Christmas Edition. New Acropolis Ireland
Book: Hong Kong Vehicles. Author: Emi Bor
School Book Series: The Queen of Hearts. Sing a Song of Sixpence. This old man. One two buckle my shoes. It's Raining, It's pouring. Row row row your boat. Author: Melons Ridhar
Book-Cover: Great Aunt Agatha's Dreaming House. Author: B.J.J. Marvin

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